Monday, September 29, 2014

Chapter Three Part 1: The Mill, The Kobold and The Archer

Back in Greenest Keep the clerics tended to the rescued civilians, using healing spells on the seriously wounded and patching up those who had scrapes and bruises from the retreat. Back in the war room the heroes met with the general, who was expressing his gratitude for the rescue.

"Thank you again," the general said, "the cultists are starting to pull back but there are still some attacking the mill. If it is destroyed the town won't make it through the winter."

"Whats in it for us?" Calvin said, fondling the head of a Kobold that he had killed.

"If gold is what you want," the general said, a look of disgust on his face, "that you shall have."

"Where is this mill?" Kolixen asked, counting her arrows.

The general guided the heroes to the top of the keep where an archer stood watch. Sensing the group's approach the archer turned around, palming his sword. When he saw the general the archer snapped to attention.

"At ease soldier," the general said. "If you look off to the south west from here you can just see the mill."

"I see," Kolixen said, eyes narrowed as she pulled out an arrow. "It looks like there are some Kobolds attempting to start a fire, I bet I could hit one of them from here."

The archer raised an eyebrow speculatively. Kolixen drew her bow and volleyed an arrow towards the mill.

"Damn, I missed," Kolixen said. "Lets try again.

Meanwhile at the mill George...ya let's call him George... the Kobold soiled himself as an arrow whizzed by his head and embedded itself into the cobblestone wall of the keep. George looked back from where the arrow came from only to see the blur of another arrow aiming straight towards his head. That was the last thing George would ever see.

"That is some fine shooting," the archer said, "Let me introduce myself. I am Jonathon the archer. I bet you I could hit one of the other Kobolds."

"Want to put your money where your mouth is?" Calvin asked. "I bet you four gold you can not hit the Kobold."

"I will take that bet," Jonathon said.

Jonathon took out his bow and steadied a shot. He released the shot and extended his palm to Calvin.

"I believe you owe me four gold," Jonathon said.

"Not so fast," Kolixen said, peering at the mill. "That was a miss."

"But, that's impossible," Jonathon said, frantically looking out towards the mill, "I am the greatest archer there is." Turning back to Calvin he said "Double or nothing?"

"Sure," Calvin said, "more gold for me."

Jonathon steadied another shot and released his bow, peering out towards the mill. Without a word he turned to Calvin and tossed him eight gold before walking to the other side of the roof.

"If you are quite ready," the general said, "could you go stop them now?"

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