Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chapter Two Part Two: Trouble at the Temple

The group gathered up, Hadeus, Ikol and Kolixen drew their bows, Lady Rosalina prepared her mind, and I handed over my dagger to Calvin. At once we volleyed our respective attacks before jumping over the wall and into the fray. 

 Well that was a bit of an anticlimax. The initial battle with the Kobolds lasted only about forty seconds. I don't give that barbarian enough credit, he could take a lot of damage while the archers picked them off one by one. After we dispatched the rear guard I went to knock on the door and was nearly decapitated as Calvin swung his great axe at it.

"Way to go you great oaf" I said.....Ok that was a lie, I just pressed my fingers to the bridge of my nose and knocked on the door. A small section of the wall opened up by the door and a half-elf face peaked through.

"Who's there?" The person in the sanctuary asked.

"We don't have time for this," I yelled. "We are here to save you!"

"Who sent you?" The voice said.

"Uggg, crap, I can't remember his name," I stumbled. "That general dude in the keep."

I can't exactly remember how we ended up convincing them to let us in, just plain luck I guess. After they opened the doors I saw the largest display of panic I have ever seen. There were some people praying in a few rows, others were throwing whatever they could find-- bookcases, tables, pews-- in front of the front door. Amid the chaos a lone priest stood tending to some wounded. Calvin was in poor shape. The battling we did throughout the day had him bloody, even if he did not want to admit it.

"You know any healing magic?" I asked the priest. The priest looked towards me, the skin under his eyes drooping. I could tell he hardly had anything left in him.

"I suppose I can do a spell, but I am about wiped." The priest said.

"Our half-ork is in bad shape." I said, walking the priest over to Calvin. "I would appreciate it if you could work on him."

The priest mumbled a short incantation then collapsed on a nearby chair.

"I am sorry, that is the best I can do for now," the priest said, "I will have to rest before I can do any more."

By this time we heard banging at the back door. Hadeus looked out the back door's window.

"Umm guys," Hadius said, "we got company."

The group looked frantically at each other before yelling at the civilians telling them to make a barricade at the back door. In their panic the peasants just became more frightened. Calvin took matters to his own hands and started to throw things to the back of the room. Eventually after we blocked the back door we started to make a path by the front door so as the enemies came in they would be confined and we could pick them off as they came in. Finally Ikol made a small illusion in front of Calvin as a decoy.

We were ready for the battle to come.

Or at least we thought we were

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