Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chapter two part three: Trouble at the temple

Leave the guys closest to me, get the ranged!

The door blasted open to reveal what appeared to be an entire army outside. Lady Roselina sprayed one of the nearby Kobolds with poison,  Kolixen, Ikol and Hadeus volleyed arrows and I just sat there, mouth agape.

It was as if  a swarm of Cultists, Kobolds and Drakes decided that they were going to get through, no matter the cost. Our strategy was good though and we took care of the creatures further away that could fire at us while Calvin swung his axe back and forth,  crushing our foes like a rock crushes the waves. But like the waves, the foes kept coming.

After fending off an ambush drake that almosy made it over the barricade we decided we were not going to be able to fight our way out. Calvin was slipping in his own blood, Roselina looked madder than usual, the bodies were stacking like cordwood. We yelled at the civilians to run out the back while we kept the enemies occupied. After the majority made it iut we started to kick at the barricade to try and block the door. We managed some but it was time to get out of dodge.

After vollying our last attacks we pulled back. Calvin was very nearly killed as a cultist attacked him while he was retreating.  In the end we were able to run back to the Keep for safety, the memories of that battle strengthening our understanding of the grasp of the situation we were in.

We would need that understanding to deal with what came next.

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