Friday, September 12, 2014

Chapter Two: Part one: Trouble at the Temple

They just kept coming, I never thought we would be able to make it out alive.

"I have another favor to ask of you," he said.

Here we go again, I thought to myself. The raiders were attacking the local temple, and it was apparently our job to stop it.


Ugg, not another temple. I swear, if it were up to me temples would be off-limits. I mean whats the deal, all of those people chanting off key to an unknown deity. At least the temples around the bard's colleges have petitioners who can actually carry a tune. If only they would expand their repertoire beyond the same couple dozen hymns.... I digress

Apparently somewhere during my internal rant the group decided that saving the temple would be a good idea. The only thing I caught was the barbarian grunting something about as long as there is gold involved.

"As long as we are going," I said, "we might as well be smart about it."

The group decided the best path to take would be through the tunnels. The gnome decided to follow us to let us back in after we finished our little jaunt across the siege. While we were heading towards the temple we stuck to the river to mask any path we might make. I looked over and saw several raiders attacking a group of homes so I pointed in the direction of the woods.

After making it to the section of the woods by the temple we started discussing what we should do. There was a small group of Kobolds attempting to start a fire by the door and a large group of cultists and two drakes circling around the perimeter. I came forward with the following excerpt from "The charming rouge"

The Charming Rogue

"Wherest be mine beloved, thou Amondil?" The dashing Lucabrasi asked, gazing out into the starlit night.
"Milord," the butler replied, " the Valdemar family has taken her away and lockest her in a keep."
"I will just have to rescue her from those brutes," the rouge said slipping over the balcony and disappearing into the night.
On the rouge went until he was confronted by a great mass of goblins guarding the keep. Some of these guards stood watch at the door while others walked the perimeter.
"What luck," the dashing rogue said to himself, "the help they have hired will be easy to fool."
What the rogue knew that the Amondil family did not was that the guards hired for the job were not the brightest. Stealthily the rogue went to where the roaming guards would be between himself and the guards at the door. The rogue took out his crossbow and let a bolt fly. 
The bolt found its home in the forehead of one of the goblins. The goblins next to him were shocked and looked in the direction of where the bolt came from. They saw a fellow goblin, holding his crossbow in shock of the sudden action. The door guard saw the weapon and the goblins guarding the door left their post to attack what they thought killed their friend. 
"Thank you my good friends," the rouge said putting his weapon away. "Now if you don't mind me I have a maiden to save."
Following my lead, the cleric cast a minor illusion to create an apparent Kobold standing by the raiders at the door. Meanwhile our ranger took his position and fired at the roaming group as if the illusion was firing.

Unfortunately, we underestimated the intelligence of the raiders. The arrow missed its mark and only mildly alerted the group. It was time to change plans. The barbarian, blunt as he is, actually came up with a good idea. Recalling on his military experience, the great brute suggested we wait for the roaming group to pass and blitz the guards at the door after first volleying them with long range attacks.

The group gathered up, the archers drew their bows, the sorceress prepared her blast, and I handed over my dagger to the barbarian. At once we volleyed our respective attacks before jumping over the wall and into the fray.

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