Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Fire, blood and smoke, this was going to be a bad day.

After burying my parents I set out to find a group of heros that I could follow and write about. What I found, however, was a gang of misfits. A half-ork who thinks he is a full on oark. A sorceress who doesn’t speak other than through your mind. A paladin who would rather let his sword do his talking. A ranger with a bad aim, the ever-absent wizard, and me, the half-assed bard.

I don’t even know what lead me to this group. Maybe it was how they could manage to stand each other, or maybe, just maybe I had intuition that this group would lead me into trouble. So long story short I went up to this group as they were about to set out on an adventure and introduced myself. Looking back on it now I realize that was probably going to be the last normal thing I did in a long time.

Anyways,  to the members of the Bard's College. Please accept this message as the first in a series that will describe my adventure with the group. I look forward to hearing back from you. If you would accept me to the College of Valor I will do my best to make this a tale to last the ages.

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